FUN FACT: Dave wrote an epic Civil War tale about escaped slaves fighting for the North when he was 11.

playwright, author, wordsmith


I've written two full-length plays and I'm currently

one of the playwrights-in-residence at SkyPilot Theatre.

I've also penned a couple of one-acts, nearly 50 short

plays, and have been produced both in the States and

abroad. My latest project is a musical called "The Golden



I've written a Children's Book series, have a novel in

progress, and have been published in several monologue



I made a brief run at TV, writing a few TV specs for a

literary agent until paying the bills got the best of me,

so inevitably, I have pilots and screenplays on hold in

the wings that are not for public consumption.


This site hosts only a small sample of work, but actors

can grab free audition monologues, and fans of Deadwood

or Arrested Development can read, download or print

episodes they've never seen. Just remember that the stuff

here is all copyrighted by me, so be cool.


Oh, and I also have an Amazon Author Page.